For developing a new product you need to have a good understanding of the market and technical challenges

You need to be aware of regulations, certifications requirements and standards to respect.

You need to be aware of the latest technologies and innovations to build architecture able to take advantage of these technologies

You need to have a perfect knowledge of what exists in the market to not reinvent the wheel.

Today Software, Electronics and telecommunication are inseparable. You need to have a unified view and deep understanding of the whole system.

Optimization of the system is the key of success. An optimized system uses less energy, requires less calculation power, generates less heat, needs less space, and costs less!

Time maters: You need to achieve developments faster than your competitors

You need test equipment and facilities to validate your developments

And at the end you need to think about the production and identification of suppliers


These are all we can offer you to make your idea reality or to make your product more competitive.

Thanks to our high qualified staffs in France and in Romania, our deep knowledge of all standards and technologies around mobility and automation and also our development means and facilities, we are able to support our clients from the stage of idea up to the production.

Our main are of expertise :

  • Mobile platform/vehicle architecture  

  • IoT, smart infrastructure, smart city

  • Prototype for POC

  • Electronics & low level software development 

  • Mobile applications for mobility 

  • Power/battery management system 

Our assets :

  • RobotDesk: a Quadribot solution for accelerating low level programing

  • NanoSens: a Quadribot smart and wireless sensor which is easily integrated to any system for collecting data during tests

  • Quadribot application library: a set of modules ready to be integrated to any system for enabling it with main smart mobility requirements.

  • Our laboratory in INRIA and test track for vehicles.

  • Equipment required for making prototypes: CNC, 3D printer, pick & place