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Fast-prototype Tools

To perform initial development of our own products or clients products, we use an array of tools to allow for fast developement of the first components for mockups or proof of concept from electronics to complete physical product


3D Printers

A Form 2 resin printer and a dual extruder 3D printer for large components


3D Printer

Our latests 3D printer, a Form 3 printer that will suppliment the tasks from the Form 2 printer



We have in-house posibility to assemble PCBs with machines for paste dispensal, component placement and reflow oven.



Our PCB prototype electrical test table to allow for prototype corrections, test of incoming equipment that is used on our mobile platforms.




For cutting plastics or specific forms in ABS or PVC sheets, we are using a 3-axis CNC machine for 900 x 600 x 300 mm cutting.