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Product :
Docking Station

Developing a mobile platform requires management and communication of multiple devices, calculators, sensors, software and actuators.
RBox is an All-in-One solution, a powerful computer specially designed and Certified for mobility, coming with all software and accessories required for creating easily and quickly any kind of mobile platform enabled with Smart Mobility and Autonomous Driving.

RBox is able to host and run third parties application (such as Autoware for autonomous driving)  as well as any applications from QSL ( QUADRIBOT SOFWTARE LIBRARY).

RBox is powered by KarTrix, our embedded Operating System designed and dedicated to Mobility and Autonomous Driving.

Benefits :

  • Quick Integration to the vehicle

  • Out-of-box software and accessories for mobility

  • Implementing the concept of Software-defined-Vehicle

  • Cutting the development costs and the time to market by half

  • Certified for mobility and able to run autonomous driving application


Main Features :

  • Hight resolution touch screen 10.25"

  •  iMX8XQ Processor

  • Nvidia Xavier NX/AGX processor for autonomous driving

  • Communication features: CAN, LTE, WIFI, LoRa, ethernet..


  • VCU functions (CAN-FD /TPMS)

  • Plug-And-Play modules

  • Application store for mobility

  • OTA update (Over The Air update)

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