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A unique high-performance system and dashboard  for smart mobility and robotic.


Connected sensors with customizable internal processing for data acquisition systems, pre-processing and data transmission.


Smart Electronics for compact actuator drives with DC and AC motors

Power Management

Solutions for smart grid integration, BMS and charging station

The nanoSense is dedicated for application where measuring requires performance in terms of accuracy, response time and sampling frequencies while maintaining a wireless connection with the acquisition system. The sensor can wake up upon pre-set events like movement, magnetic field, timed etc. 

As the device measures many environmental parameters like Temperature, Pressure, light, etc., it can transmit filtered information collected from a remote location and convert it into an action or it simply sends the information to a cell phone or any device that disposes BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 

-It integrates a versatile electronic and software architecture for the acquisition, processing, and transmission of data from multiple measurement devices. 

NanoSense is not only a data logger. It is also a smart & high performance sensor able to measure multiple values, process and combine data, communicate with other sensors to provide users with accurate and ready to use information about the system.

Designed to be as small as a USB key, it could easily be integrated anywhere as inside a damper or on an airplane wing.

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